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Bus Passes for customers who purchased passes after October 15, 2017 will be produced and mailed in early December. All other students should have their bus pass to show the driver every day.

SOLD OUT ROUTES:  CA-17, CK-13, LC-9, MV-10, MV-18, MV-19, MV-19A, MV-20, MV-25, PV-11, PV-12, PV-13 and SR-21 are sold out. 

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"I like to ride the bus to school because I get to see friends that I don't normally see in school. I get to talk with my friends which I'm not allowed to do in class. It also saves gas money for my parents."

— Vitor, Pine Valley 6th Grader

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"Yes, our daughter loves riding the bus. And even though we only live a few blocks away, it is so nice to just walk her out to the street and not have to pack up everyone in the car on a rainy day just to take one child to school."

— Major Bryan Keels, Walt Disney Parent

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It`s SAFE. Children who ride school buses are 25 times less likely to be injured in an accident than kids driven to school in private vehicles. With seat belts, steel reinforced side panels, GPS and video monitoring, school buses are the safest vehicles on the road today.