Parents' Testimonials

 Yes our daughter loves riding the bus. And even though we only live a few blocks away, it is so nice to just walk her out to the street and not have to pack up everyone in the car on a rainy day just to take one child to school.
— Major Bryan Keels, Walt Disney Parent
Traffic has been awesome (this) year. I have especially enjoyed it on rainy days when everyone is fighting nasty school traffic and I am just waiting at the bus stop for my daughter. She gets off the bus happy from hanging with her friends and hops in the car for a very short ride home.
— Julie Krommenhoek, Los Cerros Parent
My daughter was just asking me the other day if she was riding the bus next year?, and the year after that?, and the year after that?! I told her as long as we had a bus, she would be riding it. I asked her why she was asking, not sure if it was a positive or negative in her mind and her response was, `I like to ride the bus with my friends'. There, you heard it!
— Kim Brause, Green Valley and Los Cerros Parent
 I just want to let you know how big a difference the bus is making in our daily morning routine. I have a son at LC and at MVHS, and my typical morning included about 40 minutes of stressful, traffic-filled driving/waiting to get them to and from school each morning and afternoon. Now my LC son rides the bus, and it has reduced my commute times by more than half, because when I do drive to MVHS, there is MUCH less traffic.
Giant kudos, thanks and praise to those who had the vision and the determination to make this happen. I know there must have been a lot of moving pieces, getting the schools to change start and end times, envisioning the routes, getting the word out, etc.—please know that your efforts were not in vain. You have improved the lives of all of us who drive in the Diablo Road/Green Valley Road corridor in the morning hours. Bravo!
— Stevie Sturla, Los Cerros & Monte Vista Parent
My son enjoyed his experience riding the bus. When we first introduced him to the idea, he was a little apprehensive, but once school started it became routine. Riding the bus taught him about responsibility and getting to a place on time. It gave him a sense of independence, and as a working mom, it was wonderful not to have to deal with the extra time it took to take him to school. The school bus is a win/win situation. I highly recommend it! Thank you for doing such an amazing job with the kids this year.
— Susan Scanlon, Pine Valley Parent
Not only my husband and I are totally satisfied with the quality of TRAFFIX service, but our kids are really happy riding the bus to and from school, and they don’t want anything to change about that. I hope our experience inspires other parents who might feel uncertain about it.
— Cristina Boa, Country Club & Pine Valley Parent
My son, who is an 8th grader at Pine Valley was reluctant to be in the program but now loves it. He likes how easy and fun it is to be with his neighborhood friends. He likes that it is reliable and keeps him on-time for school. He says that the bus drivers are very nice and polite. …Keep up the great work!
— Lonnie Barish, Pine Valley Parent
I am incredibly pleased with the bus service. It has always been on time and it gives me a sense of confidence knowing that my boys are getting to and from school safely. Thank You!
— Mindy Hungerman, Los Cerros Parent

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