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I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the bus system. Our driver, Ervin Peyton, is wonderful and taking the bus is something my daughter looks forward to everyday. I feel very comfortable with the level of care and concern that is provided to her and the other students and think you are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!
— Sarah Nix, Green Valley Parent 
We think our bus driver Kyle is FABULOUS! Three of my four children take the bus to school (two at Walt Disney, and one at Pine Valley). Kyle, on route 12 both for WD and for PV, is an excellent member of your team. He is prompt, polite, friendly, efficient, caring, and safe, and we think we consider ourselves lucky to have been matched with such a great driver! It is clear that Kyle cares about the children he transports, and I feel confident leaving my children in Kyle’s charge.
— Laura Altamirano, Walt Disney & Pine Valley Parent
After making multiple trips to Green Valley and/or Los Cerros every school day for the past 8 years, having bus service in our neighborhood has drastically improved my life. No more traffic, parking nightmares, and wasting gas running all over the place. I think the bus service is fantastic! Now, not only did my life improve with this great service, but we got a special bonus in having Ervin as our driver. From the first day of school Ervin has gone out of his way to make both of my kids feel welcome and comfortable on the bus. He knows their names, their hobbies and takes time to wish them a good day, every single day. I know my kids get off the bus each day feeling good about going to school because they had a positive experience getting there. He is like the best of a parent, teacher and friend rolled into one, and he does his job with patience and professionalism. I feel 100% comfortable with my children in his care, and I have come to look forward to his smile each day as much as my kids do. Ervin is obviously an asset to your organization, and I thought it was important to put in writing how much we appreciate him. Thank you for listening!
— Darcy Van Siclen, Green Valley & Los Cerros Parent
I just had to tell that you have such a nice group of people working for Student First. Today, my son made the unfortunate mistake of leaving his homework folder on bus. Panic set in as he realized it just 10 minutes after the afternoon drop off, so I immediately contacted dispatch. I was completely prepared to head out to Concord to meet the bus, but dispatch arranged for us to meet Terry at Walt Disney. Through tons of high school traffic, we finally made it to Terry (whom my son adores!). He was totally inconvenienced, yet he waited so patiently.
In my two calls to dispatch, I spoke with two different people- a woman and then a man- and both were very kind and helpful. Then Terry, of course, was wonderful to wait for us and saved the day!
— Gidge Bagnall, Pine Valley Parent
I just want to let you know how happy we are with the bus service, the great email notifications you send out, and the nice and friendly drivers. We are SOOOO happy to have you in our neighborhoods. Keep up the good Work!
— Lorene Anderson, Los Cerros Parent
I wanted you to know how happy I am with the bus service. I feel that you and your team are making a 110% effort in running this service and it really shows. Thank you for taking on this important job and executing it with such efficiency.
— Diane Shoemaker, Los Cerros Parent
Just a note of thanks – We love the yellow buses. Our 7th grader loves the independence of the bus – and we love the responsibility he is developing in taking the bus. We love the less traffic on the roads (except around the high school – yikes! – wish they had buses) And how excited the little elementary schoolers are walking through our neighborhood. We are meeting kids in our neighborhood – and we’ve lived here for years. So many benefits we didn’t realize . . . . THANK YOU!
— Danna McKay, Happy TRAFFIX Parent

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