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 I wanted to commend you and your staff for the wonderful experience riding the bus has been so far. Your online communication makes me like you really care about the service being provided. I particularly would like to let you know that Teresa, our driver, has great communication, a friendly smile and a focused, professional attitude in the beginning of this process. I feel very comfortable leaving the safety of my daughter literally in her hands so far. Thank you! My daughter says she does a great job being nice but firm with the rules and therefore she too feels safe and feels like the children respect her. I look forward to putting my youngest daughter on the bus next year…
— Suzie Shepard, Pine Valley Parent
Our kids really enjoy riding the bus and I LOVE how all of the traffic is now gone from Diablo road!!
— Kathy Fanning, Green Valley Parent
Where on this site can I say how happy we are with the bus system? It has helped get so many cars off of the way too congested roads in Danville. My kids are also really enjoying riding the bus to and from school. I just wish we had done this years ago. I have been driving four kids to and from school for years!
— Val Lacommare, Vista Grande & Los Cerros Parent
My daughter wasn’t excited at all about the bus service. I’ve driven her to school every day of her life. After the first day, it was “kinda cool.” She also saw parents taking pictures of their kids getting on the buses. I was surprised how many students around here are taking the bus. Those that even had carpools are taking advantage of it. There is never enough time in a day for everything you have to do and this frees up a little extra for “us moms,” working or otherwise. Yesterday a mom whose daughter is in 6th grade came with her daughter to the bus stop. She was anxious about her walking alone and getting on the bus, but she had a conversation with my daughter (8th grader), learned she grew up in the neighborhood as I did and felt better that my daughter would be at the bus stop each morning with her daughter. So the community is not only getting a service, but making connections for kids and families in their neighborhoods. The 6th grader sat next to my daughter on the bus both ways, I think she was a comfort for her, my daughter said it was cute. Thanks for TRAFFIX. I think it’s great and valuable asset to our community.
— Debbie Liddy, Los Cerros Parent

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